If you have any kind of oral pain or discomfort, The Ivy Institute Dental Specialists and Pain Management of Arcadia, CA is the place for you. Our Arcadia dentists are proud of our ability to eliminate your pain with  specialized endodontic treatment, periodontic and oral & maxillofacial surgery. The Ivy Institute is a multispecialty practice with one goal in mind: relieving your oral pain and promoting your dental health. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, pain-free dental treatment that you deserve.

When you visit our dental office in Arcadia you will experience all that modern dentistry has to offer, including comprehensive endodontic, periodontic, and oral surgery procedures focused on treating pain. Our goal is to assist each patient in having a pain-free smile.

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Established in 2012.

The Ivy Institute was founded on a managing and treating dental pain. Tooth ache and other forms of dental pain can be very complex in nature. They can come from the tooth itself, gums, jaw bone, and etc. Treatment may range from a routine filling to root canal treatment to extraction. Correct diagnosis and proper treatment can sometimes go beyond the scope of practice for a general dentist. Because of this, the specialists at The Ivy Institute realized the importance of having a practice that can provide specialized, pain management care for patients in the Arcadia area. Our specialized training is crucial in improving the success rate of these procedures, as well as reducing the amount of discomfort in the process.

Dr. Li is a graduate of the esteemed dental school at University of Pennsylvania, one of the top Ivy League Schools in the nation. He further pursued his advanced education at the endodontic department at UPenn. He is committed to academia as well as private practice. Dr. Li is a faculty at UCLA School of Dentistry when he is not treating patients.

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