Dr Shi also holds a Health Care Executive Master of Business Administration degree from UC Irvine, where he graduated in the top 12% of his class and received both the Dean’s Scholar Award as well as the Most Innovative Thinker award. Currently, Dr Shi serves as the Dental Consultant for a Medicare Advantage insurance plan handling case reviews and strategy for its dental programs.

Welcome to IQ Dental Group!

Our name says it all: Our office operates on Values of Integrity and Quality; Affordability and Simplicity. Welcome to a different kind of dental practice!

Our Mission:

“To be the dental provider of choice for our patients by delivering Integrity in our Service and Quality in our Care.”

Our Values:

Integrity: Do the right things!

At IQ Dental Group, Integrity is our #1 Value. Mark Twain once said: “If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember a thing!” Our Integrity means we always try to do what is right. We also believe in constant open and honest communications with our patients at all times. At your initial exam and consultation, we will provide a clinically objective assessment of the actual conditions of your teeth and gums. Whereas some healthcare facilities just tell patients what treatment they need, we thoroughly discuss with you the risks, benefits, and alternatives of all reasonable treatment options to help you make informed decisions regarding your own oral health care. We like our patients to comfortably understand not only what treatment they may need but also the underlying rationale of why it’s needed and how to prevent problems down the road.

Quality: Do the right things right!

At IQ Dental Group, we pride ourselves in providing our patients with care of the highest quality. Our standard of care means we use quality brand-name dental implants which are not only made-in-the-USA but also have a long proven track record for successful cases. Our standard crowns are state-of-the-art computer aided designed and robotically milled porcelain fused to zirconium crowns that not only have a very precise fit and look and feel like natural teeth, but are also extremely healthy for surrounding gum tissues unlike traditional metal-based types. For dentures, we typically use a two-stage impression process with the 2nd impression being done with a customized impression tray to ensure better accuracy so that the final prosthesis fits as well as the individual anatomy would allow. We also eliminate metalwork when suitable in our partial dentures for a gentler fit and improved aesthetics. And while it may be too aggressive to remove all old metal fillings which you may already have if they are still serviceable, any new fillings we place will be of the composite type which are more aesthetic and mercury-free.

Affordability: Do the right things right at the right price!

Unfortunately quality healthcare is simply not cheap these days no matter where you go, and this is also particularly true of dental care. However, at IQ Dental Group we value taking great care of our patients at a reasonable price point. We are not out to gouge folks. We invested heavily in technologies and equipment which have a direct impact on delivering quality care, while at the same time trimming our costs where possible for non-essential items which does not affect dentistry. After all, you’re not going to your doctor’s office for their cable plasma TV…you’re going for your healthcare needs! To that end we strive to make our services and care as reasonably affordable as possible. If affordability does become an issue, our doctors and staff will help you prioritize the most pressing dental needs first and deliver as much care as possible given any limits in resources or time available. Please note however, that our Values of Integrity and Quality comes before Affordability: we do not compromise our Integrity of service or our Quality of care.

Simplicity: Keep It Simple!

Dentistry can readily become much more complex than most people would think possible, both clinically and in terms of finances and dental insurances. At IQ Dental Group our final Value is that we strive to keep things as reasonably simple as possible while delivering Integrity in our Service and Quality in our Care at an affordable price point.

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